DANIEL WILLIS - Control Alt Delete

DANIEL WILLIS - Control Alt Delete

THU 18 & FRI 19 MAY @ 7PM

Adult - $29.50 // Group 6+ - $26.45
(02) 9550 3666
On sale now @ Enmore Theatre - Ticketek

Dan Willis was one of the UK’s leading programmers, working for IBM, Coutts & Co, Unisys and some of the biggest names in the City of London. In 2002 he ditched it and became a comedian. 3000 gigs later he’s looking back and mining the data for laughs.

“Dan Willis brings IT banter down to a level accessible to every audience in this brilliantly designed show” – Three Weeks (Edinburgh)

“Willis has brilliantly transitioned from programmer to comedian.” – The Conversation.com

“Very funny. IT geeks will love it, and non-IT geeks will also love it.” – ComedyFestival.com.au

“Intelligent performer with impeccable timing” – New Leaf Media

“A story about one man’s and his machine, it’s as sweet as it is funny. And it’s very funny.” – The Funny Tonne

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