TUMI MORAKE - Tumi or Not Tumi

TUMI MORAKE - Tumi or Not Tumi

FRI 11 MAY @ 7PM

(02) 9550 3666
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Tumi Morake debuts Sydney Comedy Festival with her new one-woman tour de force! With nothing more to lose, the fiery social critic takes aim at the concept of identity in this show. Firing verbal missiles at young black people on a diet of social media, entertainment programs and tabloid reading, she threatens to have Sydney by the short and curlies within seconds of taking the stage.

The show promises to deliver belly laughs while provoking thought and providing a glimpse of what life could be like if we all made the mental effort. Morake believes we have become too soft to care about. The President, self-loathing black people, poverty, weight-gain, illiteracy and the Tau of weaves will all come under the spotlight as Morake dishes up hilarious punchlines by the steaming plateful.

Catch Tumi Morake Live – it promises to be one of the most outrageously funny stand-up events of the year.

  • [4 STARS] Comical, comfortable and completely captivating, Tumi Morake left every member of her audience smiling.Broadway Baby

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